Wooden Thread Winder Yellow


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Small Japanese Wooden Thread Winder from Golondrina, a small woodworking shop and craftsmanship laboratory that seems to leap from the pages of a picture book in the Suwa district of Nagano Prefecture. Each winder is carefully cut fromood, one at a time. Golondrina has a unique philosophy, and a concept of"Things That Excite." These winders, which allow you to feel the warmth that comes from being handmade from wood, are packed with Golondrina's ideas.High-quality button thread, developed with an exacting focus on performance by the sewing thread manufacturer Fujix (founded in 1921 in Kyoto), coils around the winders. In addition to sewing on buttons, this all-purpose thread can be used for any of the many kinds of work you do with needles. Fujix has developed a lineup of threads for a wide range of purposes. People around the world rely on thread from Fujix. By putting strings or metal fittings through the holes in these winders, you can have fun using them as scissor sheaths, or as accessories such as necklaces and earrings.