Bernina is the gold standard of home sewing machines, sturdy enough to sew through just about any fabric. Their wide range of models are designed with every sewer in mind. 

Sewing Arts is proud to be a Bernina-exclusive dealer! We have most machines, feet, and accessories in stock. Check out their website to view the full range of machines. 

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Sewing Machines

From newbies to seasoned sewists, Bernina has the ideal sewing machine for you! Explore the different features across their series to see what is the best match for you. 

The 3 & 4 Series are perfect for making garments and projects and piecing & quilting. The 5 & 7 Series are designed with quilter's in mind! These machines come with a built-in walking foot, Bernina Stitch Regulator compatibility, and extended space to the right of the needle to making quilting a breeze. 

Features vary on different models! Check out Bernina's website to compare machines.

Long Arm Quilting Machines


All Bernina Q Series longarms have the innovative, two sensor Bernina Stitch Regulator system, whether sit-down or frame models, giving you a perfect regulated stitch, no matter how fast or slow you move the fabric or machine. 

A Q Series longarm will also give you much more space for your larger quilting projects compared to a domestic sewing machine. 

In case of the sit-down you will get 20” of throat space and a spacious dedicated longarm sit-down table or in case of the stand-up frame models 20” or 24” of throat space on a sturdy stand-up quilting frame.

If you've been quilting on a domestic sewing machine you will probably feel much more comfortable with a sit-down model, as your brain and muscle memory already know how to move the fabric to perform wonderful quilting designs.

The stand-up frame has the advantage to load your quilt project completely and you are moving the sewhead, aided, in the case of a Bernina Q Series machine, by a specific V-wheel system for easy, smooth and no-force needed gliding of the Bernina Q Series machine.

Another advantage of the stand-up frame models is the possibility to do pantograph quilting from the rear of the machine or add the BERNINA Q-matic automation system to your machine, which is the first step to be able to offer your quilting services to others and become a professional quilter.