My Mama Made It


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This new label celebrates fun, complimentary colors and a little reminder for the small human that their mama made it! What a cool mum! They have also designed this pack to include both side seam and centerfold. Their centerfold is double sided for versatility, the text coupled with a lovely little heart on the flip side. | Included in a pack: 6 labels per pack (3 x Side Seam + 3 x Centerfold) | Centerfold: My Mama Made It and a striped heart on the flip side, against a cream background | Side Seam: Mama Made (Blue + Mustard) and Mama Made (Pink + mustard) on the flip side, against a cream background | Colors: Cream background with Cool Red, Lolly Pink, Mustard, Mid Blue | Dimensions: Centerfold 20mm x 27mm (plus 4mm seam allowance), Side Seam 23mm x 15mm (including seam allowance) | Label types: Centerfold, Side Seam