Libs Elliott Watcher Magnetic Pins


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These exclusive Watcher SewTites coordinate perfectly with Libs' latest The Watcher fabric collection. Shipping just in time for Halloween stitching, mid-October. These babies are limited edition – i.e. once they're gone, they're gone – so pre-order now to ensure you get a pack (or more)! To use, simply slide (don't pull) the magnet apart, align with the pieces you need to sew together, snap on the SewTites, and sew. No more hand fatigue. No more working around clips and pins. No more moving clips and pins. Each package includes 5 Libs Elliott Watcher SewTites – price includes US shipping! Watcher Dimensions: 0.75in x 1in (19 x 25.4 mm), with 2 strong earth magnets on back (same strength as Tula hearts and Minis) Color: Purple Made of: Plastic and Metal Use: Magnetic Sewing pins Size: 1in x 0.75in Included: 5 magnets per package