Iida Mizuhiki Sewing Pins Saku


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Three sewing pins topped with adorable handmade Mizuhiki decoration called Awaji-dama. Mizuhiki is a decorative paper cord created by twisting washi paper and hardening with glue coating. In Japan Mizuhiki is essential for formal gifts. Japan has a custom to use Mizuhiki on gifts for loved ones. There are many ways to express the feelings of the gift-sender with the choice of color, numbers and how they are tied for the different type of occasions. In addition to the indication of unopened status, tying the Mizuhiki has a meaning of prayer. The knot is tight and cannot be untied easily, so it symbolizes to connect people with each other and with their hearts. Iida Mizuhiki has been handed down as a traditional handcraft for generations in Nagano Prefecture. Mizuhiki decoration called Awaji-dama is used to make a top of Cohana's sewing pin. The durable steel-and-nickel pins are manufactured in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of high-quality needle production. Rigorous quality control ensures that pins are of uniform thickness and length and pierce cloth with ease. This set of pins contains 3 different kinds of Awaji-dama Produced in Nagano × Hiroshima