DIY Dreams Labels


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Product Description This limited edition collection consists of 10 woven labels in total, featuring front and back designs on centre fold labels and end fold labels. Double sided Centre fold labels 2x DIY (Smile)/ Blue Self Taught with yellow flower 2x Red Flower/ DIY 2x Blue flower Self Taught/ DIY Style green flower End Fold Labels 2x DIY Dreams Rainbow 2x DIY Dreams | Flowers Daisy Braid, aka DIY Daisy, is a sewing blogger who shares free sewing patterns and tutorials on her website. She encourages and inspires makers to 'DIY' their dream wardrobe whatever their skill level! Like Daisy, many of us are dreamers and self-taught makers, with our own style and approach to sewing. We've all learned differently, sometimes by making mistakes or just giving it a good old go. The DIY DREAMS collection is all about celebrating every make no matter how many times you reached for a seam ripper! It's a reminder that you made something amazing so put on your new handmade creation and celebrate your DIY Style! - Kylie & Daisy xo Image supplied by Kylie and the Machine.