Big Island Acrylic Quilt Templates


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Makes cutting curves for your Big Island Sunset, Big Island Sky, and other Drunkard’s Path quilt blocks a breeze! Instead of printing, cutting, and tracing your own templates from the Big Island patterns, use the Big Island Acrylic Templates and skip right to the cutting. Acrylic templates will save you time and increase accuracy. ADDED BONUS: Save time folding and marking the half-way and quarter-way points on your fabric— after your fabric pieces are cut, place them on top of the acrylic templates and use the marked lines on the acrylics to place your marking pins in your fabric. Use a small 28mm rotary cutter and these custom ⅛” thick acrylic templates (the same thickness as your regular acrylic ruler) to cut all 4 shapes needed to construct your Big Island Sunset and Big Island Sky quilts. After you make your Big Island quilts, use the acrylic template set over and over to make other drunkard’s path inspired quilts! PLEASE NOTE: • Acrylic templates are CLEAR— brown paper can easily be removed from the back. • Big Island Sunset and Big Island Sky patterns are NOT included in this purchase but can be purchased separately.