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Welcome to our new blog, Works in Progress!

Most of our posts on Instagram promote new fabric and patterns that we receive, but rarely show what we are doing in our free time. A lot of our sewing time has been consumed by quilt pattern testing, which has been so much fun getting to work with designers (we won’t be able to post too much about that on the blog because it is confidential, but there will be sneak peeks and info on Instagram). We love to mix up our mediums for our personal projects to add some diversity to our craft.

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the things that the four of us—Julie, Susanne, Kathleen, and myself—are working on when we’re not at the store. As most of you can probably relate, I am constantly bouncing between different projects, and the four of us rarely work on the same thing at the same time. This means that there are at least a dozen projects going at a time between us, and we haven’t been able to showcase them!

I will be posting updates of our works in progress (WIP) to present the many different things you can make, potentially inspire you to try something new, and most importantly, strongly “encourage” us to finish our projects.

A common phrase I’ve heard among sewers is, “done is better than perfect,” something I have had a very hard time adopting myself. Let’s see if this blog can help me learn to accept that mantra.



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  • Linda Badurek

    I’m in agreement with you on rejecting the ’done is better than perfect’ philosophy. We need to aim a little higher. Slap dash sewing makes us all look suspect! Can’t wait to read the blog posts! Past and future!

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