We're Finally Open!

We're Finally Open!

After a long move and even longer renovation, we did it. We were hoping to open in August, then October…anyone who’s ever attempted a construction project can understand!! The never-ending delays…there is always something more that needs to be done. Finally we decided: if we wait for everything to be perfect, we will never open. We finally reopened to the public on January 18th.

We’ve made some changes since reopening, for example, we are open just 5 days a week now. This has done wonders to keep us sane!! Between designing a new space, packing the old one, and moving, this past year has been stressful to say the least and has given us (ok, ME) a much-needed reminder to take care of ourselves, physically and especially mentally.

BUT IT HAPPENED!!! Our new space is literally everything we had dreamed of and more. I honestly wasn’t sure how we were going to get what was in our heads actually built, but we did. We were surrounded by lots and lots of people who believed in us, who took our crazy plans and ran with them. Contractors, cabinet makers, architectural lighting designers…everyone rose to the challenge and I can truly say there’s nothing I would have changed. 

If you haven’t been inside the new space yet, you really should (or at least follow us on IG to see pics)! My personal favorite thing is what I call the “Willy Wonka effect” — when someone steps through our little front door and sees the whole space for the first time…it never disappoints. Our new building was previously a vehicle maintenance facility for the USPS (which is why we affectionately refer to the new store as “the post office”) & we kept the shell of the building and created a whole new interior. Ceilings almost 19’ high, lighting design that belongs in an art gallery, exposed ducts and pipes as part of our custom shelving…it is the creative industrial warehouse of our dreams.

We are still a work in progress…we haven’t gotten our outdoor signage in place (as people keep reminding us…yes…we know…) but we are hard at work on a new logo and full rebrand which should be launching in the next couple of months.

Stay tuned also for classes!! We will be announcing them soon and starting them back up this summer. We really do appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate a strange and changing world. We are still requiring masks while in the store and we have no plans to stop that for the foreseeable future. 

We are taking things as they come and we will continue to do so!

P.S. Check out this video by one of our favorite customers, Mac Cox, as she does a full tour of our brand new space!


  • Peggy

    I can’t wait for classes! Excited!

  • Dascha Brooks

    I attempted to visit you today on the 3330 Pico address and could not locate you. That was the address printed in Afro American Quilters of Los Angeles. When I call the number on the web site it stated you were closed. If you are open to the public please give the the address otherwise I will like at your inventory on line. Thank you.

  • Janet Rodriguez

    Interested in classes…

  • lisa

    Hi! congratulations on your reopening! will class schedule come out soon? please help to recommend, many thanks!

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