Two Years Later...

Aaaah…the blog…the thing that I had no idea anyone would actually read.  Well, it turns out people did and then commented when I didn’t write another one.  So, as I approach my second year as the owner of Sewing Arts, I was told it was time to write again.


Since the last time I posted, seven months ago, yikes… we are stilling growing and evolving.  We welcomed a new teacher for the Beginning Sewing Course, Tiffany, who is terrific and welcomed back Barbara Rain to teach as she is retiring from her full time teaching position at SMC.


I went to my first QuiltCon in Nashville, which was so much fun, and the work we saw was stunning.  The workshops and lectures were both fun and educational, and we cannot wait to attend next year in Austin.  


We collected, finished and distributed approximately 1000 quilts for victims of the Camp and Woolsey fires with the help of Robert Kaufman and so many wonderful volunteers who either came in to help quilt the tops on our long arm or took them home to quilt or bind.  We could never have done all this without their help.  This generosity speaks to me about what a beautiful and giving sewing community I have entered.


Winter and spring came and went.  New fabrics keep streaming in, one after another, calling out to me to make something.  My stash of fabrics and projects at home has grown to a slightly overwhelming pile, not to mention what I am making at the shop.  We have organized the shop with a dedicated wall for all quilt patterns and kits.  One wall with spools of beautiful trim from France, another for the garments and bag patterns live.  The organization helps keep everything in its place.  We added another cutting table, most days you can find one of us spread all over it for one of our projects.


The website is going strong; more and more people are signing up daily for classes online, which is fantastic.  So much so, we have discontinued printing the paper class schedule.  It is just one small way we are trying to help cut down on waste.


Summer is here, even though the weather isn’t 100% cooperating, it’s June 1st, and it was still drizzling today…this is Southern California, right???  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the complete line of Ruby Star Society, over 130 bolts!  Yes, I am nervous and wake up some nights going, "where am I going to put all this," but we couldn't be more excited.


I went back into my original sewing roots, and have dabbled making some clothes, which were not complete disasters.  I have made bags, pouches, a duffle, and not sure what is next, but I promise to keep challenging myself.  With that in mind, I am back to the cutting table, literally as I have to finish the Mod Mountains Sew Along I joined last month with Suzy Quilts, and yes, I am way behind…..



I hope everyone has a great summer and I also promise not to wait another seven months before I write again!  Come by and say “Hi” we love seeing everyone and sharing what you are making and what we are making as well.